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    Version 1.2 of the Pi4J Library is finally released!

    The long overdue release of version 1.2 is finally here! It's been over two year since the 1.1 release and there have been about 136 new commits to the 1.2 release which include many enhancements, optimizations, bug fixes and additional platform support for Odroid, BananaPi, BananaPro, and OrangePi boards as well as adding support for the new RaspberryPi models introduced during this time..

    Pi4J Version 1.2 is also available in Maven Central. <<View in Maven Central>>


    • Removed support for statically compiled wiringPi library (for Raspberry Pi).
    • Added support for Raspberry Pi 3B+
    • Added support for Raspberry Pi Zero W
    • Added support for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3
    • Updated to Java 8 (enhancement #203)
    • Updated build dependencies/plugins to latest versions.
    • Removed unsupported sub-projects (pi4j-temp, pi4j-service).
    • Added SPI mode support for Odroid, BananaPi, BananaPro, and OrangePi platforms.
    • Added experimental support for OrangePi platform.
    • Added experimental support for Synovoip BPI (BananaPi) platform.
    • Added experimental support for NanoPi platform.
    • Fixed #438: ArrayIndex Out of Bounds when pin address address is >= 100
    • Fixed #278: wiringPiSetup*: You must only call this once per program run.
    • Fixed #294; added java runtime and compiler check to pi4j helper script
    • Fixed #291; W1Device name contains "\n"
    • Fixed #275; LCDExample.java doesn't work in release
    • Fixed #276; RaspiBcmPin pins not firing pin state change events
    • Fixed #198; Problems with data from HMC5883L class
    • Fixed #351; Pi4J packages excluded in OSGI manifest ImportPackage declaration
    • Fixed #360; Serial.setBreak(TRUE|FALSE) is printing debug lines to stdout
    • Fixed #355; ButtonBase Executor Service should be closed on GpioController.shutdown()
    • Fixed #356; SystemInfoProvider CPU temperature was divided by 1000 on OrangePi
    • Fixed #272; SerialDataEvent should not fire when event.length() == 0
    • Fixed #361; SerialFactory isShutdown() state not getting updated on new instance


    Thank You to all the Pi4J users, contributors, testers, and tinkerers for all your help and support to continue making Pi4J the go-to library for Java access to the Raspberry Pi's hardware interfaces.

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