pi4j and raspberry PI4

  • Hello, trying to use it on the raspberry PI4 with serial port.
    so I downloaded 1.2 version - unable to detect hardware
    1.3 snapshot - unable to detect hardware
    1.4 snapshot - not compiling, wrong gpiocontroller class
    2.0 snapshot - no gpiocontroller class at all

    question - how work with pi4j on the raspberry PI4 ?

    com.pi4j.io.gpio.exception.UnsupportedBoardType: Unsupported/unknown board type; unable to detect hardware.
    at com.pi4j.io.serial.SerialPort.getDefaultPort(SerialPort.java:180)
    at com.pi4j.io.serial.SerialPort.getDefaultPort(SerialPort.java:48)

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