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    Pi4J 2.0 - Status

    It's been a while since I have posted about Pi4J Version 2, but its now well underway!
    The plan is to have a working BETA available for public use by mid-September.

    The guys behind the Robo4J project and I are working on a collaboration to give a talk at CodeOne 2019. This will be based around the new Pi4J V2 library and API.

    Robotics on JDK 11? With Modules? Are You... [DEV2329]
    Date: 09/18/19
    Start Time: 04:00:00 PM
    End Time: 04:45:00 PM
    Yes. Yes, we are. Pi4J (2.0) and Robo4J both recently took the plunge and are now exclusively running on JDK 11+. Whereas both Pi4J and Robo4J previously required Oracle JDK 8—and Oracle JDK 8 only—it can now run on any OpenJDK 11+. That’s cool, but what had to be done to make that happen? Does it actually work? And what are the advantages? Find out in this session.
    Marcus Hirt, Director of Engineering, Datadog
    Miroslav Wengner, Senior Software Engineer, MAN Truck & Bus, AG
    Robert Savage, Chief Technology Officer, Savage Software, LLC

    The sources are currently being managed in a separate Github repository:

    The basic high-level architecture is now in place. You can see an architectural diagram here:

  • 什么时候可以用第二个版本?

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